Global Access

Access your financials on the go! With all the accounting data organised in the cloud with Taras Crunch, you can keep track of your business 24*7.


Inherently Collaborative

A collaborative and systematised accounting function for every member of your team to concurrently work on data online with Taras Crunch.


Powerful Analytics

The powerful analytics grant insights to bring forth optimisation along with MTD compliance to your business performance.


Worldwide Solution

Discover the limitless possibilities with an intuitive online accounting application for your organisation.

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We bring a one-stop solution for all your accounting needs. Taras Crunch enables online access to your business books from anywhere and lets you upload and categorise all your transactions securely and accurately.

The prime features of VAT schemes, Image-based data entry, Client support system including VAT reports with copies of invoices makes Taras Crunch an empowering and productive tool for businesses worldwide.